Above all we are inspired by rural culture because we want to respond to the call of a return to origins, to good food, to the different ingredients according to the seasons and to the rhythms that still today mark their production and harvesting. Wild fennel, for example, is available only for a short period of the year, and it finds ample use in our recipes, as do spontaneously-growing greens like spinach and chard. Our organic olive oil harmoniously accompanies all the flavours so as to enhance them but never dominate and, in the best of traditions, can also be enjoyed alone together with warm, oven-fresh bread, which at Susafa is always home-made.
The desire to convey to guests the philosophy underlying the cuisine is a tangible objective of all the staff of Susafa and precisely for this reason Manfredi, Tommaso and especially the chef are always ready to accompany guests in the garden and chat with them about the evening menu, designed and rigorously realized with typical products through a reinterpretation of Sicilian culinary tradition.
Finally, there are the places of the food, because what was once the old granary is now the restaurant. Here, among stout stone walls, the atmosphere has the warmth of memory but in a gently contemporary key, while the fireplace warms the emotions and the aromas waft among ample vaults.


We are in the old granary, an austere but charming space. Warm lighting gives emphasis to the traits of a place so dense with memories of the past. The large vaults, the stone walls, the Sicilian terracotta floor, the antique furniture, the objects of the past reutilized in a knowing manner and a large fireplace that warms the emotions make this room decidedly unique. In this splendid setting we offer the possibility of choosing between a tasting menu or ordering à la carte. The dishes are always inspired by the typical cuisine of the area, revisited with seasonal ingredients and with either self-grown or local produce. The wine list features some of the best Sicilian products, in addition to a small selection of the most noted national wines.

The vegetable garden

The idea of having a vegetable garden located alongside the architectural complex came about from the desire to reconcile flavour and tradition in the most direct and involving way possible for Susafa’s guests. Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplants, bell peppers, onions, potatoes and many other delights that are part of the Sicilian tradition are served at table in dishes created by the chef, who every day tends to Susafa’s garden, preserving its customs and secrets. His presence not only in the kitchen but also among the plants in the garden is his tried-and-true way of ensuring the freshness and genuineness of the raw ingredients to use in his creations.

The herb garden

All the dishes are refined with the aromatic herbs that grow in our Mediterranean shrublands. Awareness that vibrant tonalities and genuine flavours can derive from the use of natural ingredients led to the creation of an area devoted exclusively to their visual and olfactory discovery.
Thyme, marjoram, sage, rosemary, tarragon, chamomile, basil, parsley, mint, wild arugula, dill, melissa and fresh garlic await you. You have only the pleasurable task of rediscovering their aromas.

The orchard

For a rich, varied orchard it was decided to recoup native species and reintroduce ancient varieties of fruit typical of the Madonie mountains that adapt naturally to the territory surrounding Susafa. The rigorously natural cultivation of these varieties, together with their insertion in the habitat most congenial to them, makes these fruit trees more resistant and less susceptible to attack by external agents.

The bar

The old winery that originally produced the wine for the workers who rotated around the microcosm of the farm estate has been transformed into a place that hovers between past and present. This is the place to regale yourself the experience of sipping a goblet of wine among the walls that once were witnesses to its production. Today, with the wine bar zone and the hi-fi – home theatre room, these spaces lend themselves to offering you a voyage into the wines of Sicilian tradition and as well as into famed liqueurs like Passito, Moscato, Malvasia and Marsala. A comfortable, intimate lounge area that provides the ideal setting for moments of relaxation to devote to reading in front of the fireplace on the coldest days of the year or for a refreshing respite from the heat during the long, sunny days of summer.

Cooking Courses

At Susafa the food experience revolves around a number of moments, all interconnected, that begin with the discovery of the products of our garden and continue on through to the composition of the most refined dishes. Nothing in this pathway of flavour is left to chance, and for those who wish to make a more close-up discovery of the ingredients, flavours and combinations of our culinary reality, cooking courses lasting around two hours are available. The main objective is to offer our guests an unforgettable experience in which to re-create with their own hands the most ancient flavours under the attentive guidance of the chef. In the kitchen of Susafa, guests will be able to discover, in the language best suited to their needs, all the secrets and tricks of our tradition.