There are places designed to offer a true refuge for the soul.
Places offering real peace, where the rhythms of rural life and pastoral visions are in harmony. Places where time passes slowly, nourished by flavours, fragrances and peace.
You’re at Susafa, an old farmhouse, now a countryside retreat.
Staying with us will make you feel connected to Sicily’s soul, made up of invigorating colours and fragrances, centuries-old traditions and customs. Here, nature is celebrated: quiet spaces to relax, seasonal ingredients served at the table every day, homemade bread paired with Susafa Olive Oil, the natural blue of the swimming pool set in a green Mediterranean oasis, walks through fields of grain, and the authentic sounds of nature.

Eco Retreat

  • Susafa is on a sustainability journey; an ongoing effort to protect the environment and the community.
  • Digital detox, km zero or short supply-chain raw materials, waste sorting and recycling, renewable energy, plastic-free solutions, reforestation: just some of the environmental actions applied all year round.
  • Every choice made at Susafa is intended to enhance the sense of wellbeing. Hospitality, luxury service and sustainability co-exist in mutual balance.
Staying at Susafa is an invitation to spend a relaxing break, away from the world, and surrounded by the goodness of nature.


Once at Susafa you will have the feeling of entering into a timeless dimension, distant from the modern world, a place which we have been proud custodians of for over 200 years, offering a variety of services that draw on past history to give greater value to today’s experience.
Susafa is the fruit of the dedication of the Saeli-Rizzuto family, owners and farmers for five generations, committed to passing their fascinating rural culture down the ages.
In 2008, Manfredi took on a new project, planning to share with his guests the oldest traditions and ideas of their history-rich family. Susafa is the result of the wishes of five generations of farmers and entrepreneurs of the Saeli-Rizzuto family, to preserve and reinvigorate the glorious past of their rural culture.

Sweet dreams...

Choose Susafa’s restful surroundings to find a haven of peace and calm, to relax and rebalance your spirit.


Susafa’s eighteen delightful Rooms, including eight Suites, are a perfect retreat in Sicily.
Tastefully furnished, each one set in the beautiful garden surrounding the estate, Susafa’s accommodation combines simplicity and comfort. An intimate, peaceful atmosphere, interrupted only by the sounds of nature.
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