The places for sleep at Susafa are light-filled and extremely comfortable, in their colours, materials, furnishings and details. Small rooms for privacy and peace during your stay. Only the sounds of nature re-echo through the rooms, for real mental and physical comfort.
The rooms and suites of our countryside boutique hotel reflect the choices made at Susafa to enhance the sense of wellbeing and natural beauty, emphasising some Sicilian memories in surroundings that breathe the contemporary world.
Susafa’s rooms and suites invite you to the pleasure of a leisurely stay, away from the world with nature all around. They also pay full homage to the principle of sustainability, which governs all the settings and activities at our country boutique hotel.

Classic Double

21 m2/ max 2 people max

Classic Double type rooms sit in an area that in former times housed the “birthing stable”, where cows about to give birth were transferred.
Susafa’s Classics are reached via a staircase, double rooms on one floor looking over the garden. The small but choice features of their furnishings provide minimal, elegant design, respectful of the sustainability theme.

Superior Double

24 m2 / 2 people max

The former apartments housing the sharecroppers, cheesemaker and baker of the old farm, are now transformed into Susafa’s Superior Doubles.
Reached via a flight of steps, they are laid out on a single floor with views over the garden, to enjoy the natural surroundings. Simple and uncluttered, they offer a perfect getaway for a couple in the Sicilian countryside.

Junior Suite

24 to 37 m2 / 2 people max

These apartments, formerly accommodation for the dairy master, the winemaker and the groom at the old Susafa farm, now house our Junior Suites.
The Junior Suites are reached via steps, enjoying a splendid view of the garden. Two of these rooms sit on two levels: a living area on the ground floor, and the sleeping area on the mezzanine level. The other three are on the ground floor, with a private outdoor terrace equipped with sunbeds, to relax surrounded by the sounds of the countryside.

Classic Suite

45 m2 / 2 people max

Where the “Calves’ stable” was located in former times there are now three spacious Classic Suites, with private outdoor spaces, and direct access to the garden.
These thoughtfully restored spaces preserve signs of their rural past: the materials and colours used are inspired by nature, caressing you with warmth, and every detail carefully considered. Susafa’s Classic Suites offer a comfort-filled stay.

Superior Suite

70 m2 / 2 people max

The old field guard’s accommodation, on the first floor of the main building, has today become Susafa’s elegant Superior Suite.
It is formed of two areas, the living room and the sleeping zone, with king-size bed and an open-plan bathroom. Wood, stone, beamed ceiling and a pure white bathtub perfectly enhance a romantic stay in the Sicilian countryside.

Deluxe Suite

70 m2 / 2 people max

luxury hotel. A suite devoted to well-being, with a spacious bathroom area, complete with sauna, walk-in shower and bath.
It is incredible to think that the recent restructuring has transformed what was originally the farm's armoury, together with the hen house, into one of our best Suites, to be reserved for a truly special stay.
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