A mission to rediscover, that’s the nature of Susafa’s experiences.
Live unique and unforgettable experiences with us: you can choose from a vast range of activities to experience relaxing, fun and carefree moments.
Taking a breath, feel the calm air filling your lungs, the smells of the kitchen, this is the spirit which pervades Susafa and its guests. Become immersed in our way of experiencing nature...
  • If you would like to participate in one or more experiences during your stay at Susafa or would like to book an experience even if you have not reserved a stay, please contact us at info@susafa.com 

Cooking workshops

Live wonderful experiences in Susafa's kitchen with courses dedicated to the best-known traditional Sicilian recipes such as fresh pasta and cannoli. Quality raw materials cultivated according to nature, this is the cornerstone on which Susafa's entire Food & Wine philosophy is based.
The workshops take place in the bakery area of the kitchen from 11 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., including lunch, which will be a moment of sharing in perfect Italian style.
Maiorca - Cannoli making, introduction to Sicilian cakes and pastries

Ricotta-filled cannoli are iconic Sicilian pastries. All sorts of myths and legends play a part in their story, which date back to the days of Arab rule on the island. Every Monday, Rita reveals the secrets to making these mouth-watering marvels in crispy pastry shells. The fresh ricotta-based filling gets its distinctive smoothness from the sheep milk used to make it.
Sweet ricotta also takes centre stage in cassata al forno, a baked cake resembling a pie that’s not as famous as the traditional cassata but just as exquisite. Rita will teach you how to make it in the traditional way. Finally, the experience wouldn’t be complete without the famous cakes made with almond paste that are always served at Sicilian tables.

Available every Monday from 15 April


Picnic in the tree house

A hamper full of good food and great wine is just what you need when you want to unwind among the green leaves of the trees, with Susafa’s pristine natural environment all around you.
After lunch, take the time to climb up into the tree house and savour the stunning sight of the surrounding scenery.
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The experience is only possible in suitable weather conditions. It starts at 1:30 pm and lasts approximately two hours. You will be given further details when you check in. The price includes a picnic lunch (with a menu that changes each day, depending on the seasons and product availability), a bottle of red or white wine, still water, sparkling water and transport to the location.
For group requests, please contact us.

Available daily from 1 June to 30 September 

Aperitif in the fields at sunset

A delightful experience for all the senses awaits you in an exclusive location among Susafa’s golden fields.
Treat yourself to an aperitif on our terrace among the crops. Really relish the best part of the day, as rays of sunshine weave their way through the ears of wheat.
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The experience lasts approximately one hour. It is only possible in suitable weather conditions. You will be given the times and details when you check in. The price includes a bottle of sparkling wine, savoury appetizers and transport to the location.
For group requests, please contact us.

Available daily from 1 June to 30 September


Garden tour

Live a multi-sensory experience!
Discover the smells and tastes of our garden, the uses and properties of Susafa's medicinal plants and herbs.
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Available daily on request, subject to availability
Experience subject to weather conditions


Get back in touch with the deepest part of you, become aware of your body's true rhythms, and treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation with Susafa massages.
Qualified wellness professionals are available to perform facial and body treatments using organic oils and creams with enveloping and energising Sicilian fragrances.
Massage under the carob tree

The white curtains and glass walls, perfectly in harmony with the tall hedges and carob tree, make the area intimate, offering you maximum comfort and privacy. Complete the experience with a relaxing bath in the tub and let yourself be pampered a little more by the skilled hands of our masseuse.
The treatment lasts approximately one hour and includes a massage of your choice from our selection. We kindly ask you to express your preference regarding the time. The illustrative photos were taken in the wheat field/picnic area, the treatment will take place in an area adjacent to the rooms, in our garden.

Available daily on request from 1 June to 30 September
Experience subject to weather conditions


Romantic dinner on the terrace with a tasting menu

Dinner (3 or 6 course dinner) in an intimate spellbinding atmosphere under starry skies, on our terrace overlooking the fields.
Simple, wholesome cuisine featuring dishes that are even more packed with flavour because they’re made with ingredients we grow ourselves.
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The experience is only possible in suitable weather conditions. If the weather is bad, the location will automatically be switched to our restaurant. If you wish to cancel, you must inform us by 3:00 pm on the day of the dinner. The price includes a tasting menu with 3 courses (starter, main course, and dessert) or 6 courses (entrée, two starters, first course, second course, and dessert). Drinks are not included.
Please let us know about any food intolerances and/or dietary restrictions when you book.

Available daily from 1 June to 30 September

Sicilian wine tasting

Sicilian wine tasting at Susafa is an unmissable experience. It takes place in the Bar, which was once our wine-pressing area. Manfredi will be your expert guide as you explore and discover Sicily by tasting biodynamic and naturally fermented wines. He’ll reveal how they encapsulate the qualities of the different parts of Sicily.

The growers behind the wines you’ll taste take a sustainable approach like us and share our philosophy. The 10 wines featured in the tasting come from all over Sicily and paint a picture of the whole island.

Enjoy all-embracing sensory delights as fragrances, colours and flavours breathe life into an educational experience bursting with history and culture.

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The tasting session will start at 6:00 pm and last approximately two hours. During the summer the experience will take place outside, under our hugely popular Pergola.

Available every Thursday from 11 April


Quasar sailboat
a Susafa experience at sea

Enjoy the Susafa experience in the crystal-clear water of the sea near Cefalù, one of Northern Sicily’s most beautiful beach areas.
Board our sailboat Quasar and then head to some of the most picturesque parts of the coast with our captain Massimo, who’ll be your guide for the day. You’ll stop in one of the breathtaking coves to take a dip and enjoy the lunch we’ve made for you.
In the afternoon, enjoy an ice cream as you stroll around the narrow medieval streets and alleys of Cefalù, exploring the historic town centre.
More information

The boat is scheduled to leave the harbour in Cefalù at 11:30 am and return at 5:30 pm. The picnic-style lunch is transferred from the hotel.The sails can only be opened when requested in advance, because this requires additional Crew. You will be given more information when you check in. Transfers to/from Cefalù are available on request. An additional charge applies for this service.

Available daily from 1 May to 30 September
Experience subject to weather conditions



Susafa is an oasis, set amid the rural hills of western Sicily.
Sicily is a big place, and offers other popular destinations such as Palermo or Cefalù, along with some that are less well-known, but just as charming, beguiling and captivating.
Daring to venture into the centre of the island, following the course of the Madonie Mountains, is a truly exciting experience. Susafa gives you the breathing room to explore some really beautiful which will give you the opportunity to explore some really beautiful places, just a short distance from our boutique hotel.
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